Collection: Gigi Hands Free Pumping Robe

You will be PUMPED about our Key Robe Features:

- Mock Pockets for Easy Pumping Access

-Perfect for portable breast pumps from multiple leading carriers

-Built-in Bust Support

- Holds Nursing Pads

-7 Easy-Snap Pockets

-Easily Foldable + Snapable sleeves

-Satin-lined Oversized Hood

-Ultra-soft Interior

-Luxurious Faux Fur Exterior

- Feels like a Weighted Blanket

For the soon-to-be mama or freshly postpartum, the Gigi Robe meets ALL of your self-care and nursing needs. Ultra soft, from the inside-out, this high performance robe is both snuggy and functional. Designed with new mothers in mind, the FMM hands-free robe features 7 pockets of varying sizes with easily closable snaps, so you can keep everything you need within reach.

Whether it's your headphones, cleaning wipes, or credit cards for online shopping, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips. This game-changing robe also features a satin-lined hood to protect your hair from damage and keep you looking your best. And with built-in bust support, you'll feel comfortable and supported, no matter what your day holds.

But perhaps the most innovative feature of our robe is the easy pumping access. Simply unsnap, slip in, and you're ready to pump. No more struggling with awkward clothing or exposing yourself in the presence of friends and family. Our robe makes pumping simply discrete so you can stay present and connected.

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