For Me Maternity (FMM) is a new, black woman owned maternity line revolutionizing how moms care for their babies and themselves.

Pregnancy and motherhood can bring incredible joys and unexpected challenges. At FMM, we aim to help. Designed with the modern mom in mind, our high performance robes provide comfort, function, and luxury. Satin-soft interior, hands-free pumping access, and built-in bust support are just a few of the premium features.

By offering functional solutions to meet mommies’ unique needs,  FMM invites moms and moms 2 be to embrace a new kind of self-care.

  • Customer Reviews

    “This robe is nothing less than amazing! Take all your favorite things about clothing items and put them in one: great length, smooth, soft texture, plenty of pockets! This robe was definitely thought-out to fit the needs of EVERY woman, especially a mother, so without hesitation, just go ahead and order!”

    - Deneja Heath, 23

  • “This robe is so essential for multiple purposes! I love the functionality it offers to either pump with ease or nurse my daughter. It’s cozy, comfortable, and the pockets on the side make it so convenient as well! “

    -Mackenzie McGrady, 34