About Us

Birthed by Mamas for Mamas

About FMM

We launched For Me Maternity (FMM) to bring luxurious comfort and support to new and expectant mothers around the world. With so much pressure to “get it right”, we sometimes forget about ourselves.

While we want the best for those we cherish the most, it is impossible to pour into anything or anyone, if we are empty–and growing and nourishing a baby can be draining work!

At FMM, we get it and invite you to take some time for yourself. Birthed by Mamas for Mamas, FMM addresses the challenges of pregnancy and motherhood by offering functional solutions to meet mommies’ unique needs.

As FMM grows, our vision is to continue to create thoughtful maternity items that allow every mom to embrace their own journey. By promoting self-care in all the ways, FMM asks moms everywhere to water yourself and bloom!

We got you Mamas!

Founder’s Story

A percentage from every robe will support maternal health research and birthing centers around the country.