The GiGi


She’s literally everything. For the soon-to-be mama or freshly postpartum, the Gigi Robe meets ALL of your self-care and nursing needs. Ultra soft, from the inside-out, this high performance robe is both snuggy and functional! First, let’s talk about pockets: five small and large snap-secured pockets and 2 traditional side pockets to be exact. Whether you need to be hands-free to pump or need extra “hands”, we designed the Gigi so that all of your mommy and baby necessities aren’t far from reach.

The discrete mock pockets also support pumping while the satin blend hood protects your hair. Lastly, we added built-in bust support with space for nursing pads! All of these features in ONE game changing robe! The Gigi robe is the functional luxury you deserve!



– Mock Pockets for Pumping Access
– Built-in Bust support
– Accommodates nursing pads
– Snap Secured Pockets (5 small and large)
        – Large enough to hold portable breast pumps from multiple carriers
– Tampered arms with snappable sleeves
– Satin-lined Hood
– 100% Soft cotton interior
– Luxurious faux fur exterior

*Patent Pending*