The GiGi


It’s literally everything! Whether you’re still baking your muffin or freshly postpartum, the Gigi Robe meets ALL of your self-care and nursing needs. From discrete openings to support nursing or pumping to tapered-quarter length sleeves, this soft, high performance robe is both snuggy and functional! Did we mention the hood or the fact that it is lined with satin to protect your hair? What do you think of 5 small and large zipper-secured pockets? Deep enough to hold a portable breast pump and small enough to keep your earbuds handy!

We also used temperature controlling fabric, so the Gigi can either warm you up or cool you down– GAME CHANGER! And to top it off, it’s 100% biodegradable, so you’re making an eco-friendly choice that our little ones depend on. 🙂 



  • Magnetic Nursing Access
  • Cooling Fabric
  • Zipper Secured Pockets (5 small and large)
  • Satin-lined Hood
  • Tapered Sleeves with Zipper Openings
  • 100% Biodegradable*Patent Pending*


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